As a mature yoga teacher, Dr. Karen Tracy brings a unique perspective:

  • 30+ years weight lifting and rock-climbing assures firsthand knowledge of the body, the injuries and frailties that occur over the years as a student of exercise and weekend warrior.
  • Yoga Teacher Training with 2 different and well-respected institutions as well as studies with many of today’s “superstar” yoga teachers makes certain well-rounded, in-depth instruction.
  • Emotionally depleted? Need inner nourishment? Karen specializes in restorative sessions deeply settling the nervous system.
  • “Karen’s Restorative Class is like a self-administered spa treatment." Clea B.
  • Karen has a long, profound history with meditative traditions. She feels completely comfortable instilling peace in the overcommitted and stressed-out.

Karen’s personal philosophy of yoga:

Yoga is not a fad; it will not pass from popular culture. Yoga is an entire health system, a pathway to vitality using movement, specific movement with breath. Uniting the breath with the openings created during asana (practice of poses) brings alive-ness to those openings. Even if the opening is tiny, if the pose requires a lot from the student in exchange for very little movement, that tiny opening is the first step. It’s a success! Breathe!

We all have many layers of need:

(bring honor to your inner onion peeling back)

  • physically tied in knots
  • requiring mental soothing
  • beginning yoga or complex developed requirements
  • youthful resilience or aged dignity
  • healthy yoga into your 60’s and beyond
  • working to heal injuries or learning alignment to avoid them
  • using your breath to enhance body awareness-pranayama

Karen Tracy guides the yoga-challenged in flexibility and balance, which translates literally into a flexible and balanced life.

Karen’s Doctor of Dental Surgery, from UCLA, and Emergency Medical Technician certification with 9 years in an ambulance, only adds to her deep knowledge base.

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