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Miracle Healing from Burn


That red spot was a blister. It hurt lots, like burns do.


Busy in the kitchen today, I absent-mindedly grabbed a hot pan and burned my ring finger. Quickly it blistered, turning red and hurting like HELL. I remembered that during the Synchronicity Conference in September, a lovely young lady explained a protocol, as she handed me a tiny slip of paper with contact information. That tiny slip of paper was tacked to the bulletin board right there on the fridge. Instructions included calling the number within 30 minutes of the burn to engage the team. You can read about what the team does at Should you get burned, call immediately 818-332-6445. I called within 10 minutes of getting burned and while I was on the phone the blister faded and flattened. The pain faded just as quickly and now does not hurt at all.


This is a miracle in the sense that it does not happen to us often and seems outside our normal belief system. works diligently to turn this into mainstream believing and solid science. I urge you to create a contact on your phone that says ‘Burns’ and 818-332-6445. Together we can cause the tipping point that fosters belief system shifts.

Kripalu Trip for 65th Birthday


Made me smile. Never heard a definition of yoga that made me smile.


The staircases at Kripalu all have quotes in the landings. This was my fave. I’d no recollection that the Gita contained a humorous streak. This adventure marked my first face to face encounter with the fall colors of New England. I was not disappointed.


view from Kripalu



Kripalu driveway, day after rain storm


RWE-an all time favorite-Courage!


A Ouija Board once told me that I had been RWE’s mistress. That would have been almost 50 years ago. Not possible to forget a thing like that. Since then, of course, I’ve paid attention to RWE writings.

Mea Culpa





Bela Rides Again

Bela riding in the basket of my bicycle. This photo was taken after Bela’s Big Adventure. I lost her on the playa this year, a first in her 10 years attending.


Blea has a medical condition. In a human it would be called Terminal Constipation. Enough about the condition; you get the idea. We’ve managed over the years with various interventions. This year when she had a flare (she’s not had one in 6 years out there), I reacted completely wrong. Totally made things worse. At home, I get her to run, loosen things up, so to speak. That night on the playa, she ran off into the dark. There followed a very, very anxious 12 hours. I did not sleep and tore a quadriceps muscle crawling under RV’s calling her name softly, all night long. 6 weeks later, leg still hurts, a lot.


She turned up 6 blocks away in the camp of a dear friend, the Go-To Girl herself,  Ranger Shiho. I can’t wrap my head around a little kitty crossing 6 Black Rock City streets in the dark and announcing the arrival of her terrified self in the camp of someone I know well! I camp at 7:30 and K. Shiho’s camp is at 9:10 and K. Are you with me? This is extraordinary! Shiho can hardly believe it as well. Bela could only be handled by Shiho’s brave campmate, Ted wrapping her completely in a towel. Further kudos to Rangers Carmella and Mickey for taking her in and doing their best to be good sitters/step-parents.


I have boasted in the past that Bela would never lose track of her food bowl, thus I had no concerns for her getting lost. I was wrong. Mea culpa. Probably took years off both our lives. Judging by her condition now, we will both be back on playa next year. BM2015, the best year.

Back Home in JT. Piles of Joyous Laundry.

Worlds away. We are worlds away from the magic that is BRC and THE EVENT. Drive home was very long and melancholy. Bela has been asleep since we arrived back at our cabin, kept cool by continuously running swamp cooler. She had a romp at the 1st Nations Museum in Nixon before we left Nevada. Curvilinear roof comes to the ground. Bela boldly goes where no kitty has gone, climbing up to the summit of the building before stepping over onto the flashing and sliding backwards all the way back down. Wish I’d had the video going for that; hilarious. I was crying and hiccuping it was so funny to watch.


Playa Gifts


Much loved tokens of my visit to BRC. Not pictured are the tiny baggie of Persian sumac and the hand made soap from Alpha 1 made to look like a black rock. I donated it to the camp hand-washing station; smells wonderful and leaves the hands much softer than the soap provided by United Services. Much more loved are the gifts of attention and love from simply being around and interacting with fellow Burners.


My word for the synchronous and serendipitous melting of realities that creates the magic out here on the playa, and out there in the world.

Our Crisis Intervention Teams are hard working and dedicated. One of the team members, Rich, camps near me. Being in Emergency Services, he had reserved his spot in Station 73 much earlier, just as I had. He drove here with his Airstream from NYC. Brooklyn, I think. During the drive, Rich’s air conditioning goes out.

He checks in, online, with an Airstream chat group. At this point Rich is fortunate to connect with John, a kindly stranger, who directs him to an online troubleshooting video. The video diagnoses the precise problem with his air conditioning. A $28 part vs. the $600 replacement he was quoted, in Nebraska I believe.

Rich orders the part and has it shipped to Black Rock City. When Rich arrives at Station 73, he discovers that his spot in camp is immediately adjacent to that kindly stranger, John, who is a wizard, handyman and engineer. John helps Rich install the part.

A true story. Synchrondipity.

At the conclusion of this event, I return to Joshua Tree. You may find me at the Synchronicity Conference. Join us!

More Art


Bride and Groom at their wedding reception in Pink Heart


Halcyon, host at Pink Heart. Needs no introduction to Burners