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Ramping Up Quickly

Lots more neighbors. Lots of activity as the city gets built.

Face healed up very fast. I’m not tasting fresh blood with each swallow.

Bela relaxes about camp after a long day burning:


Mere Flesh Wound

For the first time I sustained an injury while putting up the shade structure. Not serious. Injured my vanity as a falling metal corner landed on my face. Much more to do to complete the shade structure but we’re at a good stopping spot till after my first shift dispatching emergency medical tomorrow. A 12 hour shift.

Playa and it’s people are being famously welcoming and beautiful. Planted the First Nations Tobacco Blessing stick in the northwest corner of my camp with the setting sun.

So yummy and rich here.


Bela Goes to Work

Bela strolling the playa on her way to one of the modular buildings that make up Emergency Services Communications.


3 of these buildings were up-ended and smashed by the storm that hit on Tuesday. All 3 belonged to BLM; they had not staked them down, you see. All our buildings are delivered with a tie-down crew and long metal stakes.

Bela roams comfortably on the playa. She can’t do that at home for fear of coyotes.

Dawn on the Playa

First Nations Tobacco Blessing Stick and palo santo from Shari Elf. Busy day at work Will create ceremony at new camp maybe sunset


Desert Romance

The title of Elena Ray’s photograph of me in the travel attire of the day: Desert Romance

Says so much. So much to be in love with at the moment. Elena’s talented eye behind the camera, the wondrous water falling from the sky, Shari Elf gifting me sacred palo santo to bless my camp.

No driving on the playa. It’s raining up there and 4″ deep. Burning Man Lake. Another gift.

Beautiful mature woman standing in the desert she loves. barefootin'


propaneThe shiny, brassy bits in the middle there are not functioning. In fact, when I try to use this set up, big propane leak. Not good. May delay my wild blue adventure. But not by very much.


My first shift with Emergency Services is on the 14th. ETA to playa 13th for acclimating. Everything else is ready to go.