Miracle Healing from Burn

That red spot was a blister. It hurt lots, like burns do.


Busy in the kitchen today, I absent-mindedly grabbed a hot pan and burned my ring finger. Quickly it blistered, turning red and hurting like HELL. I remembered that during the Synchronicity Conference in September, a lovely young lady explained a FireBurnDoctor.com protocol, as she handed me a tiny slip of paper with contact information. That tiny slip of paper was tacked to the bulletin board right there on the fridge. Instructions included calling the number within 30 minutes of the burn to engage the team. You can read about what the team does at FireBurnDoctor.com. Should you get burned, call immediately 818-332-6445. I called within 10 minutes of getting burned and while I was on the phone the blister faded and flattened. The pain faded just as quickly and now does not hurt at all.


This is a miracle in the sense that it does not happen to us often and seems outside our normal belief system. FireBurnDoctor.com works diligently to turn this into mainstream believing and solid science. I urge you to create a contact on your phone that says ‘Burns’ and 818-332-6445. Together we can cause the tipping point that fosters belief system shifts.