Magnificent structure. One of the art installations equally stunning by day and night thanks to the elaborate lighting. The climb up, very steep and long. The view from up there, well, have a look:


A fine legacy tradition carried out with pageant and care. Hear a clarion metal bell ringing each few seconds as the legion lamplighters carry and hang gas lanterns on spires along Promenades

BRC Tries To Dry Out

Rain stopped. Gate is closed. BRC soaked and a driving ban is in place. Those driving anyway cause enormous damage to the roads: Ran into 2 old friends at moving-ptyero-folding-winged flying dinosaur installation: Happy Burn, Christine and Pete!


Took a few days off from posting. Came down with a cold that became magnified by the lens that the playa is. Fever spiked to 101.5* before Rampart (on playa hospital) brought it down with Tylenol and 2 liters of saline IV. Back to work and feeling good. High adventure today as the Gate opens …

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If you’re headed to Black Rock City, do not arrive with bikes mounted to the rear of your car. They will obscure the license plate. It’s only illegal here in Black Rock City. My camp mates were pulled over last night after midnight arriving just inside Greeters by PCSO. Cops use this as an excuse …

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