Old Woman Springs Ranch Tour

shadow shot
Girls Go Adventuring Wear hats. Sun is intense.


Morongo Basin Historical Society  led a tour to Old Woman Springs Ranch. I’ve waited 28 years for this. Since it is private property, I’d never seen the Ranch up close, unlike some, who jump the fence and trespass. [Ahem] I was prepared for water in the desert but the effect is just stunning. Many thanks to the Historical Society for the opportunity to finally see this place up close. If you are not a member, consider joining! Jill and I are members. This tour is not the only benefit of membership but it’s near the top of the list.



snag with a view
Gratuitous Art Shot



Jill & Algae Ball-this made Jill very happy

This grotto away from Hwy 247 was a lovely surprise. Deep, cool, shady with clear water. Clear enough to see large trout swimming.

spring fed lake
Island in one of the lakes



Largest of the lakes with coots and ducks. Walked all the way around on the levee.



lake close up
Another gratuitous art shot