My word for the synchronous and serendipitous melting of realities that creates the magic out here on the playa, and out there in the world.

Our Crisis Intervention Teams are hard working and dedicated. One of the team members, Rich, camps near me. Being in Emergency Services, he had reserved his spot in Station 73 much earlier, just as I had. He drove here with his Airstream from NYC. Brooklyn, I think. During the drive, Rich’s air conditioning goes out.

He checks in, online, with an Airstream chat group. At this point Rich is fortunate to connect with John, a kindly stranger, who directs him to an online troubleshooting video. The video diagnoses the precise problem with his air conditioning. A $28 part vs. the $600 replacement he was quoted, in Nebraska I believe.

Rich orders the part and has it shipped to Black Rock City. When Rich arrives at Station 73, he discovers that his spot in camp is immediately adjacent to that kindly stranger, John, who is a wizard, handyman and engineer. John helps Rich install the part.

A true story. Synchrondipity.

At the conclusion of this event, I return to Joshua Tree. You may find me at the Synchronicity Conference. Join us!